Frontiers International by: Lawrence Harris

Dear Yokefellows,
We are pleased to inform you that our 61st Annual Convention, which was held in Saint Louis, was a success. Financially, we will show an excess of funds in our upcoming report. We can’t give a final report because the hotel is still adjusting our bill downward pursuant to our agreement and contract. You will be pleased with the final results. Our projections for attendance were exceeded by a few so that our guarantees were accurate. We owe Anna Ricthie our thanks for a job well done in assisting us in pulling together a great convention. Thanks also to the members of the 7th District under the leadership of Carolyn Toney for their assistance. Please read the minutes of the convention to see our accomplishments during this meeting, Yokefellow Edward Haynes, our International Secretary, is preparing the minutes but is waiting for a few committee report to finish his work.



Our Website is now operational and we have control. This has taken a year to accomplish but we are excited about its potential. Your cooperation is key for us to input all the information to tell the Frontiers story. We need someone in each club with access to the web to be designated as the club web person. The name and email address of this person must be forwarded to the District director as soon as possible. They will give information to the district director for the club so that it can be added to the website. They will also be able to download information for the club’s membership i.e. our constitution and bylaws, the strategic plan, and other info needed for our growth. A guide for using the website is now complete and we will send this out to each club web person upon acquisition of the club’s designee. Thanks for your cooperation in this matter. Also note that the newsletter will be published on the website and a paper version will be produced until we are sure that all members have access via the web and フィリピン留学費用
Our 62nd Annual Convention will be held in Atlanta, GA. July 15-19, 2003 at the Castleberry Inn, 186 Northside Drive, Atlanta Ga. 30313, Please mark these dates on your Calendar. Complete information on reservations and our convention will follow so please make plans to attend.

We regret to inform you of the deaths of Yokefellows, Fred Stalks of the Newark Club, and Leslie Davis, President of the Baltimore Club. Cards and letters are still in order to the widows of these yokefellows.